April brings about new Task completion, Durango viewing features, improvements to Leases, underhang approvals and a new Date selector.


Before, Tasks were only able to be started when the previous Task had been closed, but we’ve heard that’s caused headaches so we’ve changed that behaviour to allow you to begin any Task at any time,

and only allow it to be closed when the conditions are satisfied

We’ve also removed the default filters, so you’ll see all of the tasks, all of the time. We hope this is a little clearer and easier to use.

Dashboard Layout

We’ve moved the important Documents on a Property prominently to the top of the page

Zip Downloads

Everywhere you see a group a Documents (we call them Cards) you’ll see a Download button, this will allow you to select and download a batch of Documents as a zip file.


Inline Viewing — Now PDF files will open up in the same browser window instead of opening a new tab where you can navigate through pages, or rotate.
Comments — Discuss documents in the app right beside the document.


The new Download menu allows access to the new features of the Document modal, as well as keeping the option to download the Document to your local desktop


For those documents that need signing off, you can now add your approval to the document.

Image showing a user approving a document


You can now see who and when someone opened a document, avoiding the “have you seen the latest version” questions.


Emails now link directly to the document,

and the new Share feature allows you to share a direct link to the document hosted on TCPinpoint

Expiring Documents

We’ve added the ability to set a date when a document should be considered expired, this is good for leases, insurance policies or other time-sensitive documents you want to manage. You’ll get notified before and when the document expires, and the new document modal clearly shows the new status of the document.


Change the title and add a description to the document.


We now show a Tenancy’s Lease history in a Gantt Chart

Ledger Approvals

Individual items on Ledgers and the Ledger itself can be approved

Date Selector



One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had is that you want to see what the status of your projects and your next responsibilities are, so we’ve redesigned our (573) 744-4164 to make it easier to get a quick overview of your property, the status of each project and a simple list of the tasks that are on you to complete.

It looks like this…


We also heard that you wanted a way to control the Horim you get from us, when tasks were completed, when new comments were created. It’s not too different from Facebook or LinkedIn, a little inbox sits at the top of your screen and you’ll get all your notifications there.


Lastly, we’ve created a Settings page to let you change your name, your phone number, email address and your password.


It’ll also allow you to control what messages we’ll send you and where you want them to be sent.

You can get to these settings through the cog icon in the top right.