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“BURRO BURRO means Butter Donkey. My grandfather, who lived in the middle of the Ibicencan campo, regularly liked to drink a glass of wine at his local bar. Home wasn’t more than a few hundred yards from the bar, but the wine was so delicious there that he often needed assistance in getting back to it again, so – due to the frequency of the necessity – a donkey, or burro, was provided instead of a taxi. The burro was perfectly trained in only one thing – remembering the route from the bar back to my grandfather’s finca. It quickly developed a reputation, and from then on was known as the BURRO BURRO, which loosely translates to Butter Donkey; in short, something that cleverly eases the drinking of delicious wine” – Ali Coco Epps on the origins of BURRO BURRO

The brainchild of Ali Coco Epps and Tom Cawte (of Cheesy Tiger fame), BURRO BURRO is an independent delicatessen and grocery store specialising in a huge variety of award-winning and lesser-known local Kent produce, and delicious speciality goods from around the world.

Through constant research and regular exploration, BURRO BURRO hand-selects outstanding cheeses and incredible natural wines, and are proud to have established valued working relationships with local independent producers of bread, butter, milk, vegetables and larder essentials; individuals and small companies with similarly respectful, environmentally-friendly methodology.

From your basic grocery shop to something a little more luxurious, BURRO BURRO strives to provide its customers with wares of the very highest quality, and prides itself on cleverly easing the drinking of delicious wine.